The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and holds one Stock Exchange Trading Rights: 2619
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Founded on Dec.19, 2013, Riches Depot Securities Co., Limited (Participant of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. 2619, CE Number: BCZ822), is a well established securities company with solid financial strength, currently holding securities License 1, approved by SFC.

Riches Depot Securities Co., Limited (RDSCL) is a member of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and holds one Stock Exchange Trading Rights: 2619.
RDSCL major services include:

  • Securities trading;
  • Custody Securities;
  • Placing of New Shares;
  • Nominee Service;
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

In the near future, the business scope will be further developed and expanded.

RDSCL maintains the most advanced trading system, which can enable investors to trade securities in different geographic markets. Customers can trade anytime through either our online platform or mobile apps. We also provide prompt market info and data, so that customers can efficiently master the fast-paced changes of the market and devise appropriate strategies.

The shareholders of RDSCL have substantial experiences in both domestic and international capital markets. With their deep insights and profound views, they have achieved notable success in the areas of private equity investment, corporate financing, Mergers and Acquisitions , corporate bond issuances, pre-IPO investments etc.

RDSCL is financially strong and has a top-notch and seasoned management team. We have a strict internal control and monitoring system. We provide professional and reliable services to our clients, in order to ensure that our clients can achieve their best possible investment returns.

RDSCL aims to offer our clients the highest quality services, along with diversified innovative products. We adhere to our customer-oriented corporate mission, and will build and keep close relationships with our valued customers.